Before & after

BEFORE the Wax

Here are a few tips about prep and post-waxing behavior that will make the process beyond bearable. 

Waxing is only effective if your hair is long enough. Hair should be about 1/4 of an inch long. If you're a shaver, it takes about two weeks after your last shave for it get to that length. To get the most from your waxing services, DO NOT SHAVE between appointments!

The first time you wax your legs, they won’t exactly be smooth.  Hair grows in different cycles and sometimes it can take months to remove all the hair at the same time.  It’s worth the wait!

It is ok to wax during pregnancy. We make soon to be mommas as physically comfortable as we can.

Retinol products and waxing are a big NO NO. Skin can be ripped off. Even when not used near brows, it seeps and will tear the skin. Please let your esthetician know if you are using other types of topical creams to ensure you have a safe & comfortable waxing experience.

Some oral acne medications (such as Accutane) can cause injury to delicate skin. It is recommended to not wax for at least a year after taking oral acne medications. Please consult with your Physician prior to booking your waxing service to confirm if you can wax.

Keep it clean. We also supply wipes to give you a boost of cleanliness prior to your appointment to help boost confidence.

Waxing isn’t good for cuts, breakouts, or any other type of skin sore. It can make them worse, and it will certainly add to any pain felt as a consequence of waxing. Please book your service after time of healing.

Don't even think about hitting the tanning bed or sunbathing either. The sun damages your skin. A tan is actually your skin's defense mechanism against that damage (you knew that though, right?). A recently sunned dermis is going to be in a lot more pain during waxing than one that's nice and pale. It isn’t recommended to wax sunburned areas, so please keep that in mind during your summer appointments.

For clients who are first timers or look to pain relievers, pop an Aspirin. This works to help ease pain caused by waxing. A dose of aspirin approximately 30 minutes before the appointment is the time to do it.

AFTER the Wax

After a bikini wax, go commando or wear loose underwear to avoid ingrown hairs and more irritation.

The fastest way to calm post-waxing irritation is to apply a hydrocortisone cream. It calms inflammation, itchiness and reduces redness.

You should avoid heat for up to two days. Stay away from saunas, hot baths, jacuzzis and Bikram yoga. Intense exercise can, like the other sources of heat, make your skin prone to burning.

A couple of days after your waxing is done, you can and should take up your typical moisturizing and exfoliating routine. Not only does it keep your skin great looking, it prevents bumps and ingrown hairs.


How long should my hair be? How long will my wax last?

Everyone’s hair grows at different rates and thickness.  Some waxes last 1-2 weeks, others last 6+ weeks.  It’s a very individual thing and tends to get better if you’ll stick to it. Waxing reduces in-between stubble, it's highly effective and it removes hair from the root. You get smoothness that a razor can only ever hope to emulate, even when it's brand new.

I am nervous about baring it all…

We understand! It can be daunting the first time! We offer cover-ups and disposable underwear if you would like one. Keep in mind, we have been doing this many years and nothing phases us. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable in our professional environment.

I am on my period. Can I keep my appointment?

If it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother us! Please wear a clean tampon. We provide extras, should you need one.

Can I bring my kids?

We love kiddos, but unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children in the treatment rooms or in the salon.

I need to cancel/reschedule. What’s your policy?

We understand unforeseen circumstances arise where you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Since we work on a commission basis, it is important for us to try and fill the now open time slot. The cancellation policy is very straightforward & enforced. Thank you for your understanding!

We request at least 24 hours to change or cancel your time slot. The sooner you notify us, the better! This will allow us time to try and rebook your reserved time. Some circumstances require a fee of ½ your service cost when canceling if not done timely.

No shows & same day cancellations will result in the full cost of your appointment.

If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment & are charged for the missed appointment. We like to be punctual for you & our other clients.